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May 08, 2011


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Naja, im Zeitalter von "Geiz ist Geil" ist halt alles ein Frage des Preises.
Weshalb sollte es Designern und Grafikern besser gehen als Fotografen?

Du nutzt doch sicherlich auch Mircostockagenturen und kannst Dir nicht sicher sein, ob der Konkurrent Deines Kunden, nicht zufällig auch gerade dieses Foto ausgesucht hat.

Die Zeit von "meaningful working relationship" ist zumindest hier in De so gut wie vorbei.

LG Lucio

Hi Lucio

Thanks for your comment - I hope you don't mind that I reply in English as most of my readers don't understand German.

Of course I also use microstock agencies every now and then if I have to, although I try to not use the same images as others - the trick is to not pick images from the first 2 or 3 pages, if teh iamges are sorted by 'downloads' - which is often the default setting.

You ask why it should be different for designers than for photographers. It isn't. I'm sure most designers and photographers have recognised that crowdsourcing and cheap stockimages and clipart are here to stay.
So it's up to the designers and photographers to offer more to keep their clients and get new ones. Better service, for example. Or special knowledge (Blair Enns has a lot to say about that - check him out).

I don't see that ALL clients tend towards getting things done as cheap as possible - maybe it is different here. I don't know, I haven't worked in Germany for 11 years.
I've noticed here over the last months that more and more clients are not happy with crowdsourcing results.

In the long run it will always come back to quality.


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Hi Astrid,

I'm absolutly with you, but the reality (here)looks different.
Ask your former colleagues.
So according to your experience - there may be hope :-))


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